The concerns of employers with respect to varied class of employees arise on twofold counts in India. The first one relates to compliance with the voluminous provisions under the Indian labour law regime and the other one relating to the myriad issues arising out of contracts executed with the employees. Our insight developed over years by way of our involvement in both contentious and non-contentious practice areas allows us to foresee the complexities in advance and offer our clients a blend of commercial cum legal solution.

The statutory provisions governing employment issues may be significantly misinterpreted if not read in line with the judicial stand taken by the Indian courts from time to time concerning such provisions. The systematic approach and knowledge-share mechanisms adopted by the Firm ensures that our team members are well abreast with the various judicial pronouncements on a day to day basis. Thus, advisory from our team members ensures a complete solution taking into account the legislative framework on one hand and an in-depth analysis thereof on the other.