Recently, the Government notified the four (4) labour codes, which consolidates and amends the various central enactments governing employer employee relationship in India.Though most of the provisions of the said Codes have not been brought into force yet, the same is expected to happen in the near future. Thus, a completely new legislative framework is around the corner, wherein employers shall not only be exposed to hefty fines (up to INR 20,00,000/-), but also to criminal prosecution. Therefore, it is advisable for employers that prior to commencement of the Codes, they are thoroughly prepared to transit from the existing framework to the new one.

Our team has been regularly advising and guiding several clients on the new Codes by carrying out thorough impact assessment exercise for them. As a part of the said exercise, we carry out a due diligence and identify the gaps which the client may need to fill in upon commencement of the Codes. Further, this also includes advising and assisting clients for the purposes of transitioning from the current framework to the new Codes.